Welcome to ProtecX
Our high quality radiation protection products - from lead aprons and lead-free aprons to protective accessories - gives our customers the safety they need, the style they want and the personal service that makes all the difference.
Better care
Looking after our customers well is paramount and we believe that buying from us should be a pleasure. Our warm and friendly approach goes hand in hand with product quality and service efficiency, which gives our customers real satisfaction.
More choice
With CE-approved technical protective qualities, our aprons are available in lightweight lead or lead-free core material in varied lead equivalences and come in a choice of stylish fabrics, colours and designs. They can also be custom-made to your specification.
To complement the apron & protective accessories range which we manufacture in-house, we offer first-rate accessories including radiation reducing gloves, sleeves and lead glasses, made by select external partners.
We are the UK's sole provider of Starlite lightweight lead-free aprons. 
We hope you enjoy browsing our website and look forward to helping you make the best safety choices.

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