GreyShield Eye Protector

GreyShield Eye Protector has been designed to provide superficial anterior and lateral coverage of the eye, to significantly reduce and optimise the dose received by the lens during CT and general X-Ray procedures.

The built in standoff ensures that image artefacts created by shielding are reduced to an absolute minimum. Lens dose reduction exceeds 40% in all CT scan configurations.

Independent X-Ray transmission testing on the material shows an 80%+ dose reduction throughout the range of 50kV to 150kV

Priced – Box of 50

ProtecX are proud to support British manufacturing and all our aprons are manufactured in our own premises in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

All of our manufactured products carry the CE mark and comply with EC Council Directive 89/686//EEC for PPE products, certified by SGS United Kingdom Ltd, Notified Body Number 0120.


All styles are available in a range of sizes and lengths as indicated below.

 Size Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
To fit chest up to: 82cm 92cm 102cm 112cm 122cm
To fit hips up to: 87cm 97cm 107cm 117cm 127cm


 Length Regular Long Extra Long
Apron (A): 92cm 102cm 112cm
Skirt (E): 56cm 61cm 66cm


All aprons are offered with the optional choice of a chest pocket and personalised embroidery of two lines of up to 12 characters each at no extra cost. This should be specified at order stage.

Custom made aprons.
Where specific requirements of fit are required, our custom made range will meet your needs. Please complete the order form (available on request from ProtecX or as a download here) to enable us to provide you with a detailed quotation.


A = Length (shoulder to knee)
B = Chest size
C = Waist size
D = Hip size
E = Kilt length (waist to knee)
F = Top length (shoulder to 5cm below waist)





To ensure that product integrity is maintained and an extended length of service is achieved from your apron, the following care instructions must be maintained.

Verify the products integrity prior to first use and subsequently according to local rules. This is recommended to be at least every 6-12 months.

  • Do not fold aprons.
  • We recommend that aprons be stored on suitable hangars such as ProtecX 2403/7, or on Wall or Mobile apron racks such as ProtecX range 2401 or 2415.
  • Do not expose to extreme temperatures, steam, sterilize or launder. All surface contamination should be removed promptly using a mild disinfectant solution. Do not bleach or submerse in water.
  • These products have been designed to be used under supervision in accordance with NRPB guidelines. For effective use they must be properly fitted and fastened.
  • These products should be radiographically tested every 6 to 12 months and the results recorded on the back of the care label.
  • It is recommended that the user visually inspects and feels the products before each use to ensure that the weight and thickness is consistent throughout. If in doubt a radiographic test must be carried out.

Download our apron check guide here.

Posters that illustrate proper care of aprons are available free of charge from ProtecX. Please contact our sales support team to acquire full size A3 versions.


ProtecX offers a varied range of plain and printed outer fabrics all PU or PVC coated to ensure a fully waterproof and wipeable surface.