Philips Slicker Cushions

Pads that are fully encased in vinyl. This solution has hook and loop fastener on the bottom that fastens to the table cradle.

More Information:

RME Part No. OEM Part No. Item Description
CT-PSLC-02A 4535-670-30281 Philips Brilliance CT 40 Channel, 16 Power, 16/10/6 Slice Slicker Cushion (Yellow) Scan line @ 49.94″ (126.85 cm)
CT-PSLC-07A 4535-675-17311 Philips Stargate L CT Slicker Cushion Scan line @ 43.31″ (111 cm.) from head end
CT-PSLC-09A 4598-000-41131 Philips CT Slicker Cushion Long (Yellow) Scan line @ 57.6″ (146.3 cm.) from head end
CT-PSLC-10A 4598-000-41161 Philips CT Slicker Cushion Long (Yellow) Scan line @ 55.5″ (141.0 cm.) (Inginuity scanner)
CT-MX8C-02A 4550-180-30021 Philips Brillance CT 16/10 Slice CT Slicker Cushion (Yellow) w/ Restraining Belts
CT-PBAR-01A 4535-674-44471 Philips Bariatric Slicker Cushion (Yellow) no flaps
CT-PBAR-05A 4598-000-43771 Philips Bariatric Slicker Cushion, Long (Yellow) no flaps
SCS0023PA 4598-001-26781 Philips Patient Cushion Scan line at 48.58 inches from head end (Yellow)
SCS0024PA 4598-001-26661 Philips Patient Cushion Scan line at 47.24 inches fro head end (Yellow)
RB-PLGY-36A N/A Large Restraining belts for Philips Slicker Cushions (Set of 3 ea.)

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