Proguard™ RR2 Radiation Reducing Gloves – Box of 5

Ideal for Radiology, Cardiology, EP, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, Endoscopy, Pain Management, and Veterinary medecine.
The product was developed with the physicians needs in mind – it provides the ideal combination of radiation reduction, flexibility, comfort and sensitivity.
Available in three thicknesses, the ProGuard™ radiation reducing glove provides higher attenuation value than any other glove of comparable thickness.
The RR1, RR2 and RR3 glove offer unparalleled characteristics.
• Thinner fingers for maximum tactile sensitivity. • Soft-Touch™ finish creates a smooth interior reducing skin irritation and improved tactile sensitivity.

• Extended sizing range in half sizes for unequalled comfort and fit.

• Anatomically correct curved fingers reduce hand fatigue.

• Powder free.

Style attenuation properties:

Attenuation 60KVP 80KVP 100KVP 120KVP Thickness
RR1 45% 35% 26% 23% 0.22mm
RR2 55% 43% 35% 31% 0.30mm
RR3 81% 69% 62% 59% 0.60mm

RR1 & RR2 Supplied in boxes of 5. RR3 Supplied in Boxes of 3.

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