Procedure Room


SKU: 2832

Superior design and construction make this shield ideal for use in confined areas close to the tableside. Hand controls attached to the optional accessory rail, allow personnel to operate within a safe zone created by the shield. The 70cm wide lead acrylic window can be raised to a height of 190cm for complete protection or lowered to 115cm for access to the patient. The shield occupies minimal space when lowered. The window is held in place by an internal counterbalance so it has no apparent weight. This arrangement enables height adjustments to be made with ease.

ProtecX Medical is a leading UK manufacturer of the highest quality lead and lead-free aprons. We are experts in the health and safety concerns of providers working in a radiation environment. From our in-person fitting services to our industry-best lead times and cost-saving product options, we deliver superior outcomes with greater budget efficiency to all customers.