It is more important than ever to take care of our planet. 

Heavy metals used in lead and composite aprons can contaminate surface and ground waters, posing a serious environmental problem.

At ProtecX, we aim to reduce the environmental impact by maximizing our production efficiency and limiting wastage. We also offer a one-for-one program, for every apron purchased we will safely dispose of any old apron.

Giving you peace of mind that your old aprons are disposed of responsibly.

Protecx partners with 3D Look

ProtecX Medical and our parent company Burlington Medical have recently partnered with 3DLOOK. 3DLOOK’s patented body scanning technology enables our global customers to get precise body measurements remotely with just two photos in under 30 seconds.

Prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, we remain committed to the safety of all customers and staff. With 3DLOOK, there’s no need to risk person-to-person contact as all measurements can be made digitally.

“This is an industry first,” said Murry Pitts, CEO of Burlington Medical. “Digital provides a more accurate experience, from measure-to-measure consistency and the manufacturing of the radiation protection garment. The potential for this type of measuring is endless. Our goal is to continue using this cutting-edge technology well beyond the pandemic.”

Give 3DLOOK at try.